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If you learn to see beyond the mundane, you expose yourself to all the wonders of the world. A child’s tears, a mother’s gentle kiss, a lover’s touch - we never have to look too far…

‘My paintings explore these everyday ordinary things that most people take for granted, and strive to recreate these images of beauty onto canvas.’

Maria’s work is a reflection of the way she views life. It is about searching for the ultimate statement through colour and form, revealing the inner soul we all possess, spiritual and mysterious.

Her fascination with people, their traits and interactions is echoed in her work through her characteristic use of colour and texture.  Her style is distinctly recognisable as she paints with knife, confidently applying layer upon layer, enhancing the quality of light and movement and allowing the texture of the paint to play a key role in the structure of her work.

Heavily influenced by the impressionist movement, her work focuses on the study of light and form in Irish landscapes.

With a love of folklore and story-telling, Noonan McDermott’s influences lie in rural Ireland, it is in these magical places that share a colloquial history where stories and the people are often engrained into the landscape.

Painting with palette knife, Noonan-McDermott maintains her own elegant yet brash style. Heavy, textured marks of paint sit on the canvas amongst soft contours of light. Her recognizable juxtaposition of styles combine to reveal an impressionist and abstract trait in her work’ http://italish.eu/news/maria-noonan-mcdermott/

”I began my artistic career in Dublin in 1985 and qualified in Fashion and Design. From there I returned to college in Letterkenny and completed a certificate in visual education before continuing on to study Fine Art in Derry. In the year 1990 I had my first solo exhibition in Letterkenny with the help of Donegal County Arts Officer Traolach O’Fionnan. The feedback and encouragement I received from the show gave me the kick start I needed to direct me on the right creative road.

2015 marks a very special year for me as it marks my 25th year of exhibiting and I can happily admit that I am still painting every day and have participated in solo and group exhibitions on a regular basis throughout the years”.

My work is represented by galleries in Dublin, Belfast, Leitrim, Sligo, Donegal and Clare and is in private and corporate collections throughout Ireland and around the world.


In Noonan-McDermott’s work, there is a familiarity to the scenes and at the same time a sense of unfamiliarity. It is reminisent of Yeat’s later paintings, which often seem about to dissolve. This sense of imminent disappearance is created by a multi-layered, fractured surface created by painting with a palette knife which also echoes Yeats.

Noonan-McDermott’s paintings are created over long periods. The accumulation of tiny flecks of different colours are like sedimentary rocks, counterpointed by smooth areas of paint, which look as though they have been polished. A sense of the strangeness in the everyday runs through all the paintings… There is a friction between what can be remembered topographically and emotionally.

The Visual Artists’ News Sheet CRITIQUE SUPPLEMENT, May-June 2015
Review By Andy Parsons(Co-founder of Floating World Artists’ Books)

Maria’s work is highly original; her creative and imaginative one-off pieces ensure her reputation for innovative and inspiring artwork that is eminently collectable and truly unique.

On show, her paintings demand attention, grip the imagination and reward the curiosity of our senses.



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  1. E. Kenny says:

    thank you for your really detailed website maria. So much information for artists. Best wishes to you… great textural work!

  2. Maria says:

    Glad you enjoyed browsing the site, still in the early stages yet.
    I’m hoping the information provided will be helpful to artists in all creative areas.
    Thanks again.

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