Favourite Artists

Katarzyna Gajewska
1978 born in Warsaw (Poland), lives and works in Dublin (Ireland)

”My painting process is something between my dreams and documentation. My art is situated in the middle;  not in the realistic and not in the abstract, in popular meaning.
I am looking for human simplicity and complexity in the same way.
I am trying to catch the casual feelings, naked and defenceless in their realism, and then with understanding and patience I start to build portraits.
My portraits are like multilayered cocoons, profoundly intimate, sexual or innocent. Psychological topography; still glances, crucial in their expression are uncovered in layers of my paint. Bold, rich and dramatic faces are like language; pulsing and inspiring. My portraits are my form of communication. For me no subject is sacred. The role of provocative feelings, persuasion, as well as the human impulse to beautify compels my works of art.
I don’t use any tools besides my hands – to be closer. I could say that my art is a first hand emotion – and that’s why I am painting only with my hands. It allows me to make close ups much deeper than they really are. I love using extreme zooming in – in life and in my paintings. My inspirations are deeply rooted in myself. I’m trying to search for inspiration every day: To reach for the deep feelings hidden below the surface of appearances, to pull them out from behind the window pane. It is a permanent record of fleeting sensations. This release from naturalism is a real struggle between the forces of creation and destruction.”

Anthony Pilbro

Anthony Pilbro studied in The slade School of Fine Art and Croydon Art College in London.He was born in 1954 and now living in Co Mayo with his family.Anthony’s characters and scenes have a unique perspective within the broad range of polarities. Inside the fragmented compositions,the viewer’s eye will be drawn to the textural elements of these works and the vestigial essences of the material - oil paint. ‘I want to draw the viewer’s attention to the alchemy, that is oil on canvas. To captivate the viewer’s understanding of the many contradictions that arise in the process of oil painting. A Combination of these elements,bring to the viewer a familiarity with the subject matter, scrutinising the fine details of the innate theatricality of daily existence, with a mindful affirmation of what it is to be human.’

John Nolan

John is a contemporary Irish artist based in Dublin. His exuberant style combines bold outlines with bright exotic colours. His interpretation of various motifs transmits a positive upbeat feeling to his viewers. The celebration of colour and form, has preoccupied him from an early age and was nurtured through the encouragement and instruction received from his father who was an artist himself.
John Nolan, 106 Griffith Avenue,Dublin 9, Ireland

Peader McDaid

Peader is an artist based in County Donegal, Ireland.  His art represents some of the best drawings we have recently seen And displays a style that is timeless in design but exciting in execution.   Peadar McDaid’s exquisite, ethereal illustrations are the
perfect complement to the poetry, evoking haunting romantic images and picturesque Irish landscapes.
Many People ignore Black and white art flipping through it like text on the page. Somehow Peadar has overcome that and presents a view of his world for others to step in and share.
Peadar Mc Daid has been an artist for over 20 years now and has exhibited both nationally and internationally. For the past four years he has been working for the HSE (West) as an Arts Facilitator at the Create-A-Link Art Centre in Letterkenny. The Create-A-Link Art Centre is a specialist arts programme, which was designed and developed by Peadar for the HSE in 2002 to cater for people recovering from mental ill health who have an intrest or talent in the area of arts. A self-taught artist, Peadar lives and works in his hometown of Letterkenny, his interest in art started back in 1983 when he came upon a copy of the Book of Kells in his school library. He is regarded as one of Irelands foremost Celtic Artists. Through his commissions he has produced work for Thames Television, Seiko (Ire), Donegal Parian China and Letterkenny Folk Festival as well as works for publication in New York. And has collaborated with Letterkenny sculptor Redmond Herrity in the designing of the Celtic cross public commission for Donegal County council and was a finalist for the Port Bridge round-about public sculpture commission.
In the past few years his work has taken him in a different direction and style. Working with paint he is Influenced by the work of Pablo Picasso, Louis le Brocquy, Klimt, Schiele and Henry Moore .
Currently working a collection for solo exhibition “Mother and the boat people” .

Enda O’ Donoghue

Enda O’Donoghue is an Irish artist, currently based in Berlin, Germany.
He originally studied computer programming before turning to visual art. Then completed a degree in Fine Art, at the Limerick School of Art and Design, specialising in painting. He went on to do a Masters in Interactive media at the University of Limerick and following this, worked with the Interactive Design Centre at the University of Limerick tutoring, lecturing and researching.
As well as painting, has continuously worked and exhibited in a wide variety of media: photography, video, sound, installation, public art and interactive media.
His most recent work is a body of paintings that are created from digital photographs found on Internet.

Bernie Prendergast

Bernie Prendergast is an artist living in County Mayo in the West of Ireland. Bernie specialises in drawings of old men and beautiful young women in the medium of charcoal, pencil and water-colours.

Margaret Kent

Margaret Kent is a wexford based artist.  ”My Paintings are an emotional response to the way “I” see my subjects and I portray them as such. I do not undertake commissions because I need the freedom to paint from my heart and not be constricted by any outside force. “The power of the suggestive is much greater than the statement of reality”.

Russian Artist Vasilij Belikov

BELIKOV VASILIJ MATVEEVICH (1921-1994) - the member of the USSR Union of Artists, participant of many exhibitions. His pictures are present in Penza Picture Gallery and also are represented in many departments and in private collections in Russia and abroad.
His name is included in the “World Biographical Dictionary of Artists” (Saur Verlag GmbH & Co, Redaktion AKL, Leipzig, Germany; Volume 8). He is also listed in the book “A Dictionary of Twentieth Century Russian and Soviet Painters” by Matthew Cullerne Brown (published 1998).

Tom O Rourke

Tom O’Rourke was born in Sligo Ireland. He moved to England in 1962 and taught art and exhibited in London. O’Rourke returned to Ireland in 1997 to pursue his art work on a full time basis. His work has been selected for the RHA Annual and Iontas small works exhibitions and he has been the recipient of an Arts Council Award. Tom O’Rourke’s work is inspired by landscape music and colour. The images below reflect the musical inspiration of both Irish traditional music and jazz. The colour pallette for traditional music in the top row being more muted than the chromatic colour of the jazz influenced pieces on the bottom which are also more abstract.

Elena Mikhailova
Elena Mikhailova, a Russian born artist, has developed a distinctive style over the years. The viewer is enticed by the mood created with the combination of a blue green palette and vertical movements of the brush reminiscing of sentimental rainy days. Some may criticize that her paintings are cold and damp but she includes an extreme contrast of the light against the dark, an influence by the Dutch Masters such as Rembrandt, which allows her paintings to escape the mood of dark and drizzly.

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