Maria | November 7, 2010

24ins x 20ins
Oil 2001
From the raging fires
emerged a cold hatred,
With fear so intense
it festers and seeps
like an open wound.
Cries of freedom
reverberating in their hearts,
Chants echoing
The Raindance Song.
In union they stand erect,
As the broken forms
are masked by the inner
shadows of before.
They will live again, perhaps,
Once more.

Three Months On!

Maria | August 30, 2009

It’s hard to believe that I started this blog last May.  I originally thought that it would take me the guts of three days,  at the most,  a week  to complete.  Three months on, I’m still drafting,  but I think I may have the bare bones of the structure now finished.
Since then, myself and a [...]